Friday 23 February 2018

Hello & Welcome

The Migraine Life started on Instagram in 2016 (check us out there for more fun and games).

It was a space which enabled me to share my journey with chronic migraine, whilst connecting with others who were going through a similar experience.

I couldn’t believe how many other people there were all over the world, battling chronic migraine just like me. You’re all absolute superstars!

I hope that by sharing my experience of living with chronic migraine, it will help other migraineurs feel less alone and help educate others, to understand what it is really like to live with this condition.

I aim to continue to raise awareness and be a voice for migraineurs, advocating positive change.

If you like real talk, no nonsense and plenty of wit, then you will get along just fine here. I truly believe that the ability to be able to find humour in what is a rather bleak situation is so important and is something I have clung onto from the very start.

I believe that I will recover from chronic migraine. I’m not expecting to become pain free overnight but I do hope to gain control of my migraines and be able to work again.

I’m excited to share some longer posts with you on here and continue to grow our community over on Instagram.

Wishing you all low pain days...dreaming of a zero.  
Amy x



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