Saturday 24 February 2018

Success Story: Abi

I often think there are not enough success stories being shared in the Migraine community. People do find treatments that work for them. People do get relief from their daily pain. People do get their life back!
I want to share with you beautiful Abi’s story.
“ My headaches started in 2015 a few days after I returned from my 3rd trip to Mexico. My GP diagnosed me with sinusitis and left it as that. The headaches were twice a week at this point. As months went by my headaches began to increase to daily and they began to last the whole day with a migraine twice a month. I went back to my GP and was prescribed amitriptyline (these just helped me sleep at night and didn't help my headaches), I was also prescribed propanolol which didn't help either.

After months of perseverance at the GP I finally got a referral to neurology at my local hospital. I saw Mr Panicker from The Walton Centre (Liverpool) who diagnosed me with chronic daily headaches / chronic daily migraines.
He asked me to try a trial of nortriptiline (which is similar to amitriptyline but without the sleepiness side effect). I tried that for 3 months before going back to my GP to try the alternative of pizotifen. These gave me crazy nightmare dreams and I couldn't continue. I went back to see my consultant in Feb 2017 who suggested we tried nerve block injections. 

In April I had my 1st set. He injected 2 injections into my head on each side at the very back above my neck. They stung and I slowly felt my head going numb. The noise wasn't that nice as you could hear the liquid going in but It was all worth it I knew. The solution he injected helped me for 6-7 months with no headaches at all!⠀⠀
In October I felt the headaches returning daily and I called up the Walton Centre who booked me in again. I had them yesterday and now today my head just feels like it's bruised but I know it's worth it. For me this has been the best help I have received and for me to suffer 0 headaches for several months is amazing as you can imagine!”


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  1. So happy for you that you found something that works for you!