Monday 12 March 2018

What does migraine actually feel like?

Everyone’s experienced a headache at some point in their life. A tension band across the forehead or an annoying dull ache. Migraines however are very different.Yes, they often have a “headache” component to them but this is just one stage of a migraine attack and even this headache phase could not be compared to an “everyday” tension style headache. Migraine is a complex neurological disorder which can present an array of debilitating symptoms. At present, there is no cure for migraine.

I want to share with you what Migraine actually feels like in the words of migraineurs from around the world.

Migraine feels like…

Everything is too bright and everything is too loud.
Vomiting until you have nothing left.
A heart misplaced inside your head.
Your head is in a vice and it has been cranked up as tight as it will go.
My whole body is one big bruise.
The room is spinning.
The worst hangover EVER.
Slowly twisting a corkscrew into my temple while a sledge hammer pounds the other side.
The initial impact when you hit your head or body part on something but the pain doesn’t subside.
You have been drugged.
I’m having a stroke.
Someone took a frying pan to the back of my head.
Wondering through fog in an unfamiliar place.
Not being able to feel my limbs.
Someone is trying to split my skull open with an axe.
A hot knife in the eye.
I’m melting.
Dying slowly and painfully.
Immense guilt and countless “I’m sorrys”.
You are so weak and heavy you cannot move.
Numbness spreading down one side of my body.
Not being able to speak or find the right words.
You want to chop your own head off.
If I cry anymore from the pain, my head will actually explode.
You are totally alone.
There are rocks in my neck.
I’m totally misunderstood.
Someone cut off the top of your head, poured in some razor blades and then shook your head around.
An ice pick through the eye.
My brain is on fire.
It is never going to end.
You are a burden.
Going blind.
I’m burning inside and freezing on the outside.
My right eyeball is being dug out with a rusty spoon.
Lightning strikes to the head and a roller coaster in your stomach.
Someone is digging their fingers into my skull.

Please share with friends, family and non-migraineurs to help explain and educate to people what having a migraine actually feels like. Use this to raise awareness that migraine is #notjustaheadace.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. It can be so hard for others to understand just how true his post is.